Wednesday, November 17, 2010

lunch sketch

quick sketch during lunch.... about 30 min.


Quick color sketch based on some shot in the trailer for the new narnia.
Fun to work in colors. I liked the lighting of it. It has a little Hudson river school feeling to it.
It's still very rough, not sure if I'll have time to do a more detailed version... will see.


Here is a little piece I did to help a friend of mine. He and his wife are writing a nice story and I'm creating some visual for them.
I think the lighting is pretty successful but I need to work hard on my anatomy skills... I should say application of my anatomy knowledge.
I know quite well anatomy. construction of it and physiology but I'm having a hard time putting it down on paper. I always something is off. I'm still doing a lot of practicing; fold study, poses, colors, light and shadows, composition, storyboard....etc.