Friday, December 13, 2013

ink sketch04

One of the cheap pen I received from Japan is actually pretty nice to sketch with.doodling some planes for my next ink drawing.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Ink 08

Uncle bear is excited to go see his new plane!

Tools of the trade. part 01

I just got some new brush pens from japan. The 3 on the top have synthetic  hairs, they are about 15$~20$ each.
I use most of the time the Pentel Brush pen. Which is a fantastic pen.

But my it is starting to "engorge" itself after a few minutes and I lose the thinnest line that I could have when I just picked up the pen. Which means I can only work a few minutes at a time... not ideal.
My theory is that air is getting in the cartridge and is "pushing " the ink out too quickly. Maybe the cartridge's plastic is too soft and letting air in? I'm not sure but when I open the bottom of the pen (where the cartridge is), the cartridge is often loose.

I use to use the normal fude pen to write in japanese, but this time my in-laws brought me the smaller one to test.
The 3rd pen from the top on the picture is the Kuretake fude pen (くれ竹 筆ペン) it is very similar to the Pentel.  it feels a little better, the plastic seems to be a little stronger, the hairs are a little softer and it writes very consistently (maybe because it is brand new :) ). But it is so smooth that it gets hard to open! no grip! It does look really nice.

I really enjoy the pentel ink though, really black and thick. So both the pentel brush pen and the pentel fude pen have a great advantage in my opinion.

The last two on the picture are very cheap pens (about a $ each), the tip is made out of foam and the ink is not very covering. (I'll use them to fill surfaces, :)).

Now I need to get some nicer paper.

By the way, muddy colors have a great post on inking

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Tuesday, December 3, 2013