Tuesday, August 31, 2010

new work

I'm preparing a new type of work.
My inspiration came while thinking of a project that my friend Dave Fierson and I are working on.
I can't really talk about the project itself as it is in development.
But I can talk about my work. I've always be interested and attracted to composition, framing, light and shadows. I was researching some interesting camera angle and thought it would be interesting to work in a italian format, long and narrow. this format as always be pleasing to me. it's a little more than a 1.85:1 ratio. I could talk for long about that ratio but I prefer to talk about my ideas.
So, what I'm trying to express in my sketches... that I hope will become painting. Is a piece of a story. I have does frames in my head, maybe from movies, maybe from books or life itself. I'll present them and it's up to the viewer to make up the story, bring a story around it.
I'm first going to work with big plane of black, I'm still not sure of some aspect of the project.
-will I work in series with theme like :western, fairy tales, 50's space movies
-what medium am I going to use? gouache, ink, acrylic?
-will I only work with black ? use different values of gray? colors?

anyway, here are some that I did digitally, I'll try to post the one that I did on paper later today.

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