Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Old technique, new twist

I really like this idea. First because I still really love the physical aspect of film. Not what you see but the one one that you can touch. It is something that I really miss from my first job in motion Pictures, back when Pacific Title still existed. there were only few computers but still a lot of noisy machines that dealt with film. My goof friend Mark Freund was my supervisor then, he was always looking at film print and tell us how much color we needed to add or remove.
As much as I am a digital addict and love computer, there will be always a place in my heart for film.
Second, I enjoy when people mix technique like these, it is an effect that has been seen a lot but revisited in an interesting way.

LONDON GRAMMAR - Wasting My Young Years - Behind The Scenes from Academy Plus (A+) on Vimeo.

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