Friday, December 10, 2010

Framed Ink

I just received a fantastic book by Marco Mateu-Mestre called “Framed Ink”.
Marcos has been working in feature animation for more than 20 years and his knowledge on layout, composition, and lighting is amazing.
This book is very well put together. The information is very clear and to the point, the examples are easy to understand and precise. This is a great book to read or to use for references. very easy to browse through.

Many books on framing and layout talk only about the camera work, but Marcos also talks about something very important, lighting:
how light and shadow influence and affect the framing, how you can use light and shadow to direct the spectator’s eye toward what you want them to look at. how it can set a mood very strongly.

Marcos drawings are also a treat for the eyes. By using black and white and sometimes a shade of gray , he makes the drawings very strong and readable at a glance. Each example in the book is accompanied by a rich drawing and a thumbnail. The thumbnail is a simplified version of the drawing. Simplified in the sense that it is stripped to the bare minimum in an almost symbolist way to explain what we actually see, and where our eye is drawn.

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